New York, Rome, Florence, Pistoia.

On March 2, 2018, Graziano Graziani’s documentary “Pina Bausch in Rome” was screened at the Martin E. Segal Theater Center in New York for the audience of the Segal Film Festival on Theater and Performance and March 19, at 21.00 will be on ‘Apollo Eleven of Rome.

On May 31st, at the Cinema of the Compagnia di Firenze, a new appointment is scheduled to restore the documents of the Neumann Archive, this time by Massimiliano Barbini of the Funaro of Pistoia: after the story of Carmen by Peter Brook ( 2014) here is a new meeting – show of the series L’Archivio dal vivo, entitled Palermo Palermo: the Artist, the City, with the participation of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence. Between words and music, the evening will return the experience of the creation of Palermo Palermo, the show of Pina Bausch, curated by the production of Andres Neumann in 1990.  On April 20, a preview of the Funaro of Pistoia is scheduled. On 1 June, once again at the Compagnia Cinema, Pina Bausch will be screened in Rome.

The event is realized thanks to the support of the Tuscany Region and the Archivist and Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany in the context of the Agreement for the enhancement of the archival heritage, the coordination of the interventions and protection of Archives and Libraries.

The Funaro of Pistoia for the Andres Neumann Theater Archive has benefited from the support of the Tuscany Region and the Archival and Bibliographic Soprintendenza della Toscana also for Pina Bausch in Rome and for the digitalization and computerization of the Neumann Archive, which can now be consulted on the website



Predecessors of the current Performance were the Happenings inspired by the Fernando Arrabal Panic Theater.

In the sixties, during a visit to Montevideo by the artist Jean-Jacques Lebel, with the complicity of the Alliance Francaise, I was able to improvise a Happening in the chimney of Rambla Sur.

In this video you can see the type of actions that Jean-Jacques Lebel proposed at that time.


Pina Bausch in Rome was screened in New York

On March 2, 2018, Graziano Graziani’s documentary Pina Bausch in Rome was screened at the Martin E. Segal Theater Center in New York for the audience of the Segal Film Festival on Theater and Performance and on March 19, at 21.00 will be scheduled at ‘Apollo Eleven of Rome.

The movie follows the experience of Pina Bausch in the eternal city to which she dedicated two unforgettable shows, Viktor (1986) and O Dido (1999). Through an interwoven series of treasured interviews – spanning from Matteo Garrone to Mario Martone, from Vladimir Luxuria to Ninni Romeo, from Leonetta Bentivoglio to Andrés Neumann, from Maurizio Millenotti to Claudia Di Giacomo and culminating with the gypsy family Firlović – a portrait of the surprising city of Rome emerges as interpreted by Pina Bausch: a city both authentic and anti-conventional.

Screening of the film PINA BAUSCH IN ROME

Screening of the film PINA BAUSCH IN ROME

Monday 19 March (9.00 pm)

Apollo 11 Aggregative Center
c / o Itis Galilei side entrance of via Bixio 80 / a – Rome



Docufilm by Graziano Graziani (2017)

A film created by the Andres Neumann Theater Archive.


Pina Bausch A Roma – Il Documentario (Pina Bausch In Rome – The Documentary) is a documentary by Graziano Graziani from an idea by Simone Bruscia and Andrés Neumann, produced by Riccione Teatro in collaboration with the Andrés Neumann’s Theater Archive / Il Funaro Cultural Center of Pistoia (Italy).

The roman period of the german choreographer that has created Tanztheater lives on in the previously unpublished stories of artists such as Matteo Garrone, Mario Martone, Vladimir Luxuria, Leonetta Bentivoglio, Cristiana Morganti and Andrés Neumann.

Passed in 2009 at the age of 68, Pina Bausch was a dance and theater icon of the twentieth century, a visionary capable of bewitching directors like Federico Fellini, Pedro Almodóvar and Wim Wenders, “an earthquake with a determination without match in the contemporary arts scene” (Leonetta Bentivoglio).

Of the fifteen pieces this great choreographer has left behind, many were inspired by cities of the world. Rome is the only city that has inspired Pina Bausch to create two pieces: Viktor (1986), and O Dido (2000), both co-produced by Teatro Argentina, Teatro di Roma.

The factual documentary Pina Bausch in Rome retraces the two roman residencies of the german artist, bringing to light, through an interweaving of unpublished interviews, the unsuspected Rome of Pina Bausch. An authentic and absolutely unconventional city appears in her eyes: a daily Rome, marked by lunches in a trattoria, raids to popular dance halls, and walks to the fruit market. And also an underground Rome, lying in its multiethnic suburbs, known thanks to repeated visits to gypsy camps, and nocturnal incursions to the queer and transgender scene.

Telling us about these original and little-known experiences of Pina Bausch, are friends, longtime collaborators and unpredictable fellow travelers, among which: Matteo Garrone, Mario Martone, Vladimir Luxuria, Cristiana Morganti, Leonetta Bentivoglio, Andrés Neumann, Ninni Romeo, Claudia Di Giacomo and Maurizio Millenotti.

An idea of Simone Bruscia (director of Riccione Teatro) and Andrés Neumann, (longtime production partner of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch) this factual documentary is inspired by some unpublished photographs of the Andres Neumann’s Archive (hold at Il Funaro, Cultural Center, Pistoia, Italy) that testify Pina Bausch’s visits to the gypsy camps of Rome. Hence the idea to shoot a factual documentary on the intimate relationship of Pina Bausch to the city of Rome.



ARCHIVIO & TEATRO – Pistoia, Venerdi 20 Aprile 2018 alle ore 21:00

L’Archivio Teatrale Andrés Neumann racconta la storia della nascita di uno degli spettacoli più amati di Pina Bausch:

Regia e Coreografia di Pina Bausch

Progetto narrativo a cura di Massimiliano Barbini
con la collaborazione del Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini di Firenze

<Palermo Palermo> è stato coprodotto dal Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch e Andres Neumann International.

Lo spettacolo è stato rappresentato nelle seguenti città del mondo: 1990: Palermo, Milano, Bari, 1991: Antwerp, Paris, New York, 2000: Hanover, 2005: London, Antwerp, 2008: Kawasaki, Düsseldorf, 2011: Weimar, 2012: London, 2014: Paris, 2015: Taipei, 2016: Berlin.

Proiezione in anteprima del film Pina Bausch a Roma

#Roma per Pina Bausch
Lunedì 10 aprile (ore 20.30) @ Teatro Argentina – Teatro di Roma

Proiezione in anteprima del film Pina Bausch a Roma di Graziano Graziani, da un’idea di Simone Bruscia e Andrés Neumann. Intervengono Leonetta Bentivoglio, Matteo Garrone, Mario Martone, Cristiana Morganti.

A seguire INSOLITI PERCORSI E RISATE IN CANTINA, inedito omaggio a Pina Bausch in scena di e con Cristiana Morganti.

INFO: Pina Bausch a Roma. Anteprima doc al Teatro Argentina •

photo credit: Enrica Scalfari